5 steps to dating

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If your wife’s love language is physical touch then be sure to express it.

Even if it’s not a primary love language, a good back or foot rub, or a massage with no “intentions” is a great way to completely love your wife.

“I just want you to know that I prayed for you today…” And I begin to list the specific things that I pray: Your prayer notes don’t have to be typed out on a typewriter like mine. Often, it’s an automatic response we don’t even think about.

As I’m typing a note, I simply begin praying for the person. It’s easy to tell someone who’s hurting that you’re going to pray for them.

He has worked with the United Nations, INGOs and grass-roots organizations in Europe, Thailand, Nepal, Tanzania, India, and the United States.

Well versed in project management and fundraising, Erik has led development projects in health, education, humanitarian relief and human rights, raising well over 0 million from a wide variety of government agencies, foundations, and institutions. But for new, small, and grassroots NGOs who do not yet have fundraising systems in place fundraising can be particularly challenging.

I mean, why wouldn’t I be honest and say what’s really on my mind?

Instead of lying to God, be honest and say what you’re actually feeling: Father, when am I ever going to catch a break in life? So instead of lying to God any longer, just say the words inside of you.

So just let the words come out and see where the conversation goes. And then David says this: “Before a word is on my tongue you know it completely, Oh Lord.” Isn’t that a beautiful and terrifying thing to know about God?

When we’re wheeled into an operating room, even if it’s a simple surgery, we pray. You can even try what I did and pray out loud right then and there.

When our favorite sports team is in a close game, we bite our nails and we pray. We might not even hear the words we’re saying, words whispered under our breath: Whether we’re pursuing God or not, the words, our prayers, just come out. Prayer doesn’t need to be lengthy, or even eloquent. That simple prayer you whispered as the plane took off? It might feel strange at first, to pray for someone audibly, but it’s amazing the impact our words have when talking with God on someone else’s behalf.

Sometimes you may feel like it’s a challenge to love your wife in the way she needs you, or that you are lacking something necessary to do so.

Loving somebody who is so different has been a challenge for me on occasion and I’m betting a challenge to you as well. In fact, we were born with everything we need to do so.

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