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E-mail Dead Ohio at The whole melon head story was interesting to me because growing up here in CT, my father would often scare my sister and I with a story about the melon heads. However, I find it odd that you mentioned a similar tale being told in a different part of the country. There is a mausoleum at the corner of the cemetery by the road [nearest the tennis courts]. As a kid, I was told by many people that the mausoleum was haunted. If you look inside the glass door, there is a chair chained to the wall.

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While the relationship was consensual, the seriousness of the charges against Thomas, Blackburn said following the hearing, stem from the fact that Thomas held an authority figure role, in this case as a teacher. Alan Goldsberry accepted the five-year sentence in his last hearing on the bench before retiring as common pleas judge.Prior to the hearing, a plea agreement had been worked out between the county Prosecutor's Office and Thomas' defense attorneys, Sky Petty and John Lavelle.That five years reportedly was the maximum allowable penalty for the crime Thomas pleaded guilty to.In those few seconds she couldn't have gotten gotten more then 50 feet away and it was all flat land where I was at.y brother, when he was in his teens, used to cut through the cemetery on his way home.One night while going through, he started hearing screams/ shouts that were almost on a deafening level.

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