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Executive producer Gloria Monty, who ran the show in its glory days in the early ’80s and was rehired last year to juice it up, was out again in January as GH, once No. Also leaving later this month is Tristan Rogers, who played Robert Scorpio and is Samms’ former on-and off-screen love interest.“Bottom line is, the real-life relationship had run its course,” said Rogers, who shares a few scenes with Samms before his departure. “I told her I’d get her the dressing room right next to mine,” says Kin Shriner, who plays Scotty Baldwin. Born Emma Samuelson in London, she became an actress when bursitis of the hip at age 16 halted a promising ballet career.Today, Nadia holds both a Romanian and a US passport. So, with six other gymnasts, she made her escape through Hungary and Austria and finally to the US.‘At that time, just before the revolution, leaving meant you were gone. Then me and the six other gymnasts walked over the border into Hungary and from there to Austria. It was hard to go, but my instinct was telling me I had to do something right then.’ Again she struggles with these memories.She loves the country of her birth dearly and her family more. I went to the United States embassy and they provided me with a flight to New York. It was hard that night.‘When I think back to that moment it’s hard because I thought I was never going to see my family again. He said, “You go and find a life.”’ She pauses to wipe the tears from her face. ‘But then I thought, “I made it.” It was difficult, but then the world changed in Romania so I was allowed back.’ Nadia is now blissfully married to her husband of 18 years, former American gymnast Bart Conner, with whom she divides her time between homes in Oklahoma City and LA. ‘Dylan was three weeks early so they had to do a Caesarean. It made the circle complete.’Today, Nadia looks as happy as a sunflower in a summer frock and sandals.The two met through her brother Richard, 28, Nagji’s best friend.

But when the Carringtons ran out of Nielsen steam in 1989, Samms’ career started winding down too.“It’s not as if I haven’t been working,” says Samms, but her film appearances (such as a role in last summer’s forgettable Delirious) were hardly wearing her out. 16, Samms, 31, joined the back-to-the-soaps movement, following in the footsteps of Deidre (Days of Our Lives) Hall and Genie (All My Children) Francis.Like Anthony Geary last year, Samms returned to General Hospital, where she made her earliest TV splash in 1982 as con woman Holly Sutton. “Stability is very important to me at this point in my life,” says the actress, who filed for divorce from British lawyer Bansi Nagji, 26, in November after eight months of marriage.This is because most people fidget, look away or do something else when they lie.So if a character is a Living Lie Detector, (s)he could just know what to look for.

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