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When the self-inflicted injury is terminal, it can become a case of Suicide, Not Murder. The Evil Overlord can injure his own people and try to blame another country, providing a quick and easy justification for war.This is mentioned as #34 (not that kind) in The Thirty-Six Stratagems, making this one of The Oldest Tricks in the Book.

Once a safe distance is reached, the pretense can be dropped, and the mother can bound away, leaving the hapless predator in the dust. When humans use this trick, though, their motives are often not-so-noble.

El libro digital o libro electrónico, conocido como e-book, está viendo incrementado su uso en el mundo del libro y en la práctica profesional bibliotecaria y documental.

Además, el libro también puede encontrarse en formato audio, en cuyo caso se denomina audiolibro.

Often related to Guilt by Association Gag and Et Tu, Brute? Contrast Wounded Gazelle Warcry where it's not a trick.

Not to be mistaken with Deliberate Injury Gambit as well; that one is about someone getting themself hurt for real to achieve a goal.

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