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Speaking of the costume accessories, Clapton said: “These capes are actually IKEA rugs.“ “I want the audience to almost smell the costumes,” she explained.Police said the tablets, branded with the IKEA logo, has left a 16-year-old girl seriously ill.Officers warned the rogue drug which copies the branding of the Swedish furniture store has been in circulation in recent weeks.We wanted to move this piece as far away as possible from a mass-produced object towards something really personal.With the glass top, display is inherent in its design.

' JAM are creative directors of the interior-design exhibition 100% Design London from 24-27 September ( Jamie and Phil will also appear on a new BBC2 series about people and their homes in June.Who: Jamie Anley, Astrid Zala and Phil Nutley (pictured left, left to right) are the directors of JAM, an experiential branding consultancy that works with companies such as Audi, Whirlpool and Evian on a range of projects from furniture design to film, intended to create tangible representations of a brand's values.They say: "Every object you buy with a flat surface is an opportunity to display your own creativity on it and make it relevant to you.Sand the legs then paint in emulsion in your choice of colour. Draw out your shapes on the back of some pieces of felt and cut out with sharp fabric scissors. To get a feel for how they should be arranged, play around a bit and pin them in place until you settle on the right look. Stick the felt pieces in place using a thin layer of fabric glue and leave to dry as instructed on the packet. THE COFFEE TABLE What: "Expedit" glass-topped, white coffee table, £45.

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