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Censorship in New Zealand is governed by the Films, Videos, and Publications Classification Act 1993 (the Classification Act) and associated regulations.The Act was the result of the 1987 Ministerial Committee of Inquiry into Pornography, which recommended, among other things, the consolidation of a variety of laws governing the classification of films, printed publications and videos into one statute.The Department of Internal Affairs carries out on-line investigations of people trading in objectionable material, primarily child pornography.It has prosecuted people who have possessed as many as 190,000 images.Television is excluded from the ambit of the Classification Act and is governed by the Broadcasting Act 1989.The Classification Act also sets out the criteria used to determine the classification of publications.

The Police may also exercise the enforcement powers in the Classification Act but generally refer matters involving objectionable material to Internal Affairs.The term “objectionable” is defined in the Act, and centres on the question of whether the availability of a publication is likely to be injurious to the public good.Certain publications are automatically objectionable, in accordance with section 3(2) of the Act.In web chat rooms, many people can be found, at any one time, openly discussing and exchanging objectionable material.Peer-to-peer file sharing, which was primarily used to provide free access to music on the web, enables people to download objectionable material from computers anywhere around the world without ever meeting or knowing the persons they trade with.

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