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There have since been many women age 57 giving birth with their own eggs not in the Guinnes Book of World Records. I also found: Pregnancy after fifty: profile and pregnancy outcome in a series of elderly multigravidae.Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, University of Leicester, UK.

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To what extent is an area of active research today. Furthermore, even if you source your claims, you can't use them in the way you appear to want, i.e: there are some women listed here in the table, but this can't be true because of x or y (even if you find a source that says x and y are true you can't engage in WP: OR and WP: SYNTH to draw such conclusions).I've seen articles--though again, this can't be confirmed (see reason (1) above)--stating that the twins Celine Dion had at 41 were from embryos frozen during an IVF cycle that she did when she was 35.Embryo freezing has been around since the 1980s and it is entirely possible that some of these mothers over 50 are using embryos frozen when they were still fertile. French--see first paragraph in right-hand column).[3] I agree about many of the women on the list being highly questionable cases.

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