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She has been seen sitting with him and former President Bill Clinton at a Sabres game and she did tag along at a ceremony recognizing his million donation to Niagara University.

Sure, the dude is a billionaire and owns the Buffalo Sabres hockey team.

If you love her and care about her, you will not let your family tear you apart.

Don’t abandon her and stand by her side, because your family’s lack of approval could be a painful thing for her.

These partnerships blossomed because neither party was outcome-driven—looking for financial stability, marriage or children." She adds, "Older women are tired of men who have little energy, too much baggage or are bitter—or too cheap post-divorce.

Monica Seles, famous tennis player and former stab victim, is engaged to marry Thomas Golisano, potential future Buffalo Bills owner and billionaire.

Golisano and Seles both live happily in Florida, where he moved in 2009 after proclaiming to escape New York's high taxes.

Thomas Golisano) to construct a center that will serve people with special needs and their families.

Golisano is founder and chairman of Paychex Inc., a Rochester, N.

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