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Most products use the powder from the whole plant instead of the juice because it is far less expensive.

The only blemish of this formula is that the total potencies of all these superfoods is less than 6 grams per serving.

Perfect Food Raw is one of the better superfood drink products I’ve reviewed for the price.

There are more comprehensive products, more potent formulas, but, PFR has an amazing list of superfoods that are almost unmatched.

When you are ingesting the level of phytonutrients and nutrient-dense calories from these type of foods, it’s nice to do so with probiotics and enzymes to help with caloric utilization.

The problem is, the entirety of the probiotics and enzymes in Perfect Food Raw is a mere 100 mg. There’s also no separate antioxidant section, no protein, no additional herbs.

Box Box - Recyclable Full Product Name: Green Supreme Kale Balls Storage: Store cool and dry.

Sprout Blend: Again, 13 sprouted veggies in this section and amazing selections.

A very impressive collection of some of the Earth’s healthiest substances including Quinoa and Chia seeds.

This is an obscure, ancient grass very similar to wheat grass and alfalfa grass.

Veggie Juice Blend: The veggie juice blend is quite extensive with 18 different superfood vegetables and all extremely beneficial. I’m very impressed with the range and variety of vegetable juice extracts used in this formula.

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