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Fake blood spurted from the 'wound' and his friend turned to see the horrific image of Mr Sylte writhing around on the floor with the chainsaw appearing to be embedded in his stomach He shook violently for a moment before the panic took hold and he crumpled into an unconscious heap on the ground.

Mr Sylte got up, laughing with the cameraman, and after 15 seconds of laying motionless, the victim of the prank came around - with his foot still shaking in shock.

The crash-causing prank followed a failed attempt to stop another driver at the start of the clip.

Video shows the pair running into the night, before the footage turns shaky as the person behind the camera tries to catch up with the hooded companions.

Contrast No Such Thing as Bad Publicity and Controversy-Proof Image.

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Posting the video on Facebook, Mr Sylte said: There have long been requests for crazy pranks!The episode, set to air on Thursday, January 18, was originally titled “Four Seasons in One Day.” However, it has now been changed to “1-800-799-7233.” That is the number for the National Domestic Violence Hotline.The midseason finale ended with Jo […] Gearing up for another binge-worthy season.Footage shows two males pretending to hold a rope across the road as a car approaches.But the joke takes a dangerous turn when the careful motorist brakes suddenly, leaving little time for the vehicle behind to stop safely.

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