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Women MPs started speaking up about their experiences of sexual harassment at work in solidarity with the #Me Too campaign – a response to the overwhelming number of accusations against Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein. Women in parliament have always been subject to scrutiny in the press – from Theresa May’s leopard print shoes to the now infamous Legs-it photograph with Nicola Sturgeon – but nowhere are they more starkly judged than on this website, where MPs (and the public) are invited to vote on which MP they would “rather have sex with”.

Since then, the allegations have turned into a scandal, with some MPs calling for the end of the “witch hunt”. The MPs are then ranked in order of sexiness, and users can drill down into the results to see just women, just men or mixed rankings.

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It’s this “funny side of things” which harks back to Donald Trump’s dangerous “locker room talk”, rhetoric which has become commonly known among male university students in the UK as “banter”.

The current top five rated MPs are all men – presumably as a result of a “boys club” joke mentality – but when you take into account that 68 per cent of MPs are men, the idea that any women are included is distressing.

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If you don’t, you’re branded a square, a stick in the mud, a snowflake.

The votes are anonymous and the MPs have no say on whether their pictures are featured on the site, completely eradicating any notion of consent.

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