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There are strong white floral notes of Jasmine and Ylang-Ylang in this one wich fit perfectly to that narcotic Sandalwood accord. weird cause I can smell and wear some strong perfume, but this one, just the thought of it makes me nauseaous. Samsara is a very warm, elegant, and sensual scent that I have to write my first review here.

It smells like a burning, resinous, woody fragrance along with some bitter-sweetness. I have been wanting to own a bottle and just got it for early Christmas present. It's calming that I sometimes sprayed a little on my self before I go to bed Amazing amazing amazing. :) I have worn this for years but recently had the same issue as takemyhusband.

When he returned to Paris, he spent two years working intensively on a formula before Samsara saw the light of day. sorry to say :( Creamy sandalwood with a bit of floral sharpness. It's a timeless, cozy, beautiful fragrance and you can find fantastic prices online. Check for old bottles and vintages, I recently applied the new version EDP in the bee bottle available now in France and Belgium: a skinscent within two hours with quite good longevity (6h... India in a bottle I have never encountered a woody composition which undoubtedly spells feminine.

Originally named Delicia, Samsara got its name in collaboration with Guerlain marketing team that wanted to give a perfume equivalent to the new spirituality and Orient fascinations of Parisians of those times. good in 2017 but poor and weak compared to the original 1989 formula). Every woody I have has this masculine facet to it, do not get me wrong, I adore perfumes with a masculine bite but Samsara procures woodiness and converts it to an exemplary feminine perfume with exceptional ingredients.

The heart is blooming in opulent flowers: elegant jasmine, cold woodsy iris, luscious narcissus, violet and delicate rose. To me it was pretty linear and bordering on masculine..sweet sandalwood, MUSK and a bit of amber. If I get the chance of like to test it it again and see if my taste has changed. I was embarrassed to be shopping with it on, and to me it smelled of bug spray.

It’s not necessary to overspray this potent perfume. Samsara reminds me of Alien, I guess it is the jasmine sambac combined with amber in both.. however there are times that I reach for this and miss it.

The vintage Samsara (wich comes in a transparent glass bottle) has contained an even better Sandalwood from India. That one has a creamier undertone and it was even more narcotic. You can find it on the internet for about 60$ for 100ml. It is definitely not generic and has a strong character ..

Also it lasts for hours on my skin and the sillage is great as well. This trio fantastico dominated the world market, North America especially and Guerlain’s efforts, despite genius creations like Nahema perfume, to conquer world market were in vain. Jean Paul Guerlain, the last pater familias of the Guerlain family said in one interview that he found the inspiration for Samsara perfume in a beloved English girl.

He wanted to give her the perfume that would be hers only, that will embody her inner world and unique sensuality.

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