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It has been raining since morning."You look like a drowned rat," Dad says, laughing, as he walks toward me. "This divorce has been the hardest thing I've ever had to do," Mom says calmly. I'm learning how to be alone again." I'd never heard Mom sound so vulnerable and honest—which makes me listen closely. Mom moves toward me and stretches out her hand, then pulls it back.

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Dad had wanted me to come over to his new place to show me his Fender Strat, a guitar he had just bought. I didn't realize how little alone time I'd spent with my father until the split. Mom, with her hair long and blond and pushed back in a headband.

"There have been so many times I've wanted to hug you and don't know how." I felt the same.

I used to climb into Mom's bed and we'd talk for hours before Dad came in.

This article was adapted from her book, The Way They Were: Dealing With Your Parents' Divorce After a Lifetime of Marriage, published this year by Three Rivers Press, a division of Random House Inc.

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