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Undoubtedly the most notable addition, however, was Kingston Lacy in Dorset, comprising not only a 17th-century house with a stunning art collection, but also Corfe Castle, Studland Bay, Badbury Rings, three pubs, a hotel, 14 farms and 327 houses and cottages.The estate has been described as one of the greatest acquisitions the Trust has ever made.

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“It completely ruined the event for the hundreds of other people who were there to enjoy the evening.“We worked closely with the venue’s owners Leeds United Football Club, and through painstaking analysis of CCTV and other enquiries we were able to identify the majority of those responsible and arrest them.“Those convicted have now had to answer for their actions on the night, and we hope this will send a very clear message to others of the consequences that people will face if they seek to settle their differences through violent and unlawful means.“The safety of people attending public events is always our main consideration and we will continue to work with the organisers of any such licensed events to support and advise them so we can minimise the potential risk of crime and disorder.”Those sentenced at Leeds Crown Court for violent disorder were: Patrick Lock, 25, of no fixed address, sentenced to 12 months Debbie Brear, 30, of Snapethorpe Road, Lupset, Wakefield, sentenced to eight months.Meanwhile, as the result of a new membership drive promoted with refunds on entry fees, membership rose from 226,000 in 1970 to one million by 1981.As membership grew, the legacy department expanded, and income from legacies became a significant part of Trust income.After returning to Britain in 1964 Boles joined the National Trust in 1965 as Assistant Secretary on a salary of £2,000 a year.In 1953 he had married Benita Wormald, with whom he had four children in North Borneo, followed by a fifth (the planning minister Nick Boles) in 1965.

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